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* Homework - Post My Final Essay

Jang Yea Yoon - 2013210117
Park Soo Hwan  - 2011213137
Monday 1pm

France and Japan - Foods


I have lived in France before for two years; so I would like to introduce foods of Paris in France. France is the heart of the world culture and art. Among them, Paris which is the capital of France is typical of France culture through the many foods. If you visit Paris, you can enjoy many traditional dishes. Paris is popular for many kinds of wines with good quality and cheese. Many French say that it’s tasty to have both wine and cheese. Not only does Paris have many attractive foods such as Foie gras, Escargot, Chateau briand, Ratatouille, Bouillabaisse, Crepe and so on. Among them I will introduce three impressive dishes. First, Escargot is “snail with garlic butter” (wilkipedia.org). This food usually serves as an appetizer in France restaurants. I have eaten escargot before, and at that time I thought it was a very terrible food because snail is unfamiliar ingredients in Korea. Second, Foie gras is “the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by gavages” (wilkipedia.org). This food is a well known gourmet meal because it usually entertains very important people in France and its ingredients are expensive, so I have never eaten this food. Lastly, Crepe is “a thin pancake. The French word is from the Latin root crispa meaning "curled", from which the English word "crisp" is also derived (wilkipedia.org). This food is well known as desert and is popular food such as Bung-O-Bbang in Korea. Crepe’s ingredient is flour basically and other ingredients are variety meats, vegetables, and sauces. When I lived in France, I usually ate this food with my younger brother, so this food is a good memory for me.


I would like to introduce to you about Tokyo's foods because I want you to know about Tokyo's foods and enjoy it together. "Tokyo is port city" (tripadvisor.com), so it is easy to get seafoods in Tokyo. There are many foods made with seafoods. “Sushi is a traditional Japanese food”(tripadvisor.com), and it is made using raw fishes and rices. So, it is important to eat early before the Sushi goes bad. Okonomiyaki is also a famous food of Tokyo. “It is a Japanese pancake containing a variety of ingredients”(wikipedia.org). It resembles a Kimchi Pancake of Korea, but it is thicker than the Kimchi Pancake. “It also consists of a seafood that is a cuttlefish”(wikipedia.org). It makes the Okonomiyaki more delicious and to have a fantastic visual. Tokyo has various seafoods and delicious foods. It will be happy time to travel the Tokyo and to eat various foods. We can enjoy together in Japan.

Paris Food Comparison to Tokyo Food

I compare Paris’ foods to Tokyo’s foods. Paris’ food cultures have Tokyo’s in common. They especially consider a table manner. For example, The French and Japanese spend much time eating meal; “French spend about 2 hours, and Japanese also spend 1 hour above”(wilkipedia.org). Not only are there similarities between the two countries they also have differences. Paris’ foods are more luxurious than Tokyo’s foods, because the French is well known gourmet, so Paris’ foods improve easily. Paris’ foods also taste better than Tokyo’s. When you enjoy Parks’ foods, you may have to add enjoyment to eat because the French have a delicate palate because of spice such as Basil, Sage and so on. My opinion about Paris’ food is that Paris has fabulous foods. There are not only gorgeous cultures but also delicious foods, so Paris’ food is the most fantastic dishes in the world. If you travel Europe, you must go to Paris and then enjoy many Paris’ dishes.

Tokyo Food Comparison to Paris Food

After I read the information about  Pairs’ foods, I understood that Paris also has various foods like Tokyo. Paris’ food has many decorations, and It is more colorful than Tokyo’s food in my opinion. There are also many fresh seafoods in Paris, but I think that Tokyo’s seafood is the most fresh in the world because “Tokyo is port city”(tripadvisor.com). Both of two citys have excellent foods, and I want to eat all of them.


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* Homework - Post Secret Garden Summury

Jang Yea Yoon
Mon. 1Pm

Secret Garden

Mary Lennox is a young girl who “has a thin angry face and thin yellow hair” (The Secret Garden). She suffers from lack of love. Mary’s father works under the English Government in India and Mary’s mother has a great beauty, so she often enjoys partying. That reason Mary is raised by a servant, so she grows “selfish, disagreeable, bad-tempered little girl” (The Secret Garden). Mary’s life changed when she met two special people. A first special person is Martha who is a young servant girl in Yorkshire. Before she met Martha, Mary loses her parents and her servants by disease in India, so she has bad temper and negative thinking. After meeting Martha, Mary is a kind girl. Martha’s warm heart and kind behavior changed Mary from a negative person to a positive person. A second special person is Dickon who is Martha’s older brother and can communicate with many animals. Before she met Dickon, Mary doesn’t like outdoor play and always plays alone. After meeting Dickon, Mary learns how to communicate with animals and finds secret garden and plants many flowers, trees and so on. She can’t realize that her life will change slowly and will be much more enjoyable than ever. She gets healthier and healthier.

After I finished reading The Secret Garden, my opinion is that gardening is the beginning of health. Mary is changed by secret garden. After finding secret garden, Mary doesn’t have negative thinking anymore. That reason I think nature and outdoor play makes people healthier than before. Colin also plays secret garden with Mary, Dickon, many animals and plants and then he doesn’t feel lonely anymore. Colin takes courage from nature. He wants to be healthier than before and he doesn’t think about negative thinking such as dying. That reason, I thank to nature and feel precious of nature with this as a momentum.


The Secret Garden by Clare West

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* Writing Practice - Introduce City (seychelles)

The Seychelles are located middle of Indian ocean. It has amazing 115 islands(traveling guide book). You can visit and 1,500 km east of Africa. There are capital is Victoria on island of Mache. If you go there, you will feel peaceful.

If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen the Seychelles for their honeymoon they could well be heading for an idyllic location they visited four years ago - the island of Desroches

The gorgeous climate boast tropical oceanic. There are it only wonderful small change in temperature throughout year. You can feel, and then rainfall is law, especially in June, July and August, so you will enjoy nice weather in there.

The Seychelles has fabulous beaches. There are lovely place that usually called honeymoon island, so if you visit this place, you can enjoy good time with your partner.

Traveling guide book of all over the world

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* Writing Practice - My favorite movie Good Will Hunting

Will-Hunting is a young genius who is working as janitor at M.I.T. in Boston. He suffers from lack of love. He often changes caregiver since he was a baby. During period of growth, he doesn't take education from his stepfather. By his feel hurt, he hides the truth. So he doesn't show truth behavior anymore. Even he is a habitual criminal. At the beginning of the story, however, he is meeting professor, Rambo in M.I.T in Boston.
Will-Hunting’s life changed when he met two special people. A first special person is professor, Rambo in M.I.T in Boston. Before he met professor, Rambo, he is just a janitor in M.I.T. He is a trouble man. After meeting professor, Rambo, he finds his intelligence. He falls in love girl who is Harvard University student. He can solve from justice. A second special person is a psychologist, Dr. Shawn. Before he met a psychologist, Dr. Shawn, he is a trouble man. He breaks heart with lover. He doesn't believe anybody. After meeting psychologist, Dr. Shawn, he treats illness of the mind. At the end of the story, he makes a firm determination to look for his ex-girlfriend.
In the future, I think Will-Hunting is going to many exciting things. First, Will-Hunting is very adventurous, so I think he will travel around the world. After that, Will-Hunting will probably marriage beautiful girl. Then, I think he will be a good father for his sons and daughters. Lastly, I think he will get job and he is going to be a good counselor for weak person. He will die when he is very old.

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* What you are learning - Week 1~ Week 9 with Qiana ♡♥

- Writing Skills

No Plagiarism!!

Proper formatting.

Using your own words

Summarizing information.

- Following Directions.

When you do not : Low score, Lose job, Lose opportunity

- Presentation

Speaking Skills (in English)

Showing confidence

- Reading Understand to identify

- Managing Your Time

Due Dates. Time Dates. Organization

* Presentation Practice - Week 9

<Presentation Skills>

 Eye contact - Look at your audience.

Engage the Audience - Ask questions, Tell a joke, Connect

Move - Away from podium



Face - Smile, Relax, Show interest

Body Language - Stand up straight shoulders back

<My Presentation>

Hi! My name is Jang Yea Yoon. I will tell you about my dream. I want to be a teacher. When I meet students, I'm very happy and gain more energy to them. So, I want to be a teacher. After that, I will have warm personality and kindly mind for my student. Thank you for listening~!!

* Presentation Practice - Week 8



Eye contact

Body language

Engage audience

Choose interesting- topic

<My Presentation>

Hi!! My name is Jang Yea Yoon. I would like to tell you about my favorite sports. My favorite sport is  basketball. I like watching basketball game on stadium. My favorite basketball team is LG Sakers and my favorite basketball player is Kim Jong Gyeu. He is a very tall and is good at playing game. I expect how the LG team has improved over the season. Thank you for listening~!